Second Life, b. 9.15.06

The first thing I saw was the notice of the security breach. So I didn’t want to give out any real information.

Next, I wondered why the choice of last name was limited. The names were all strange except for Feingold. I searched for Russ Feingold but it was already taken. I considered taking President Feingold (I’m supporting a Feingold-Obama ticket in 2008). But ultimately decided against that. [I may look for “Russ” later.]

When I got to the “Big Six” it reminded me of the Ten Commandments. I wanted to cut and paste them to study them later but wasn’t able to. I couldn’t print them out either. I guess I prefer stone tablets for critical information. “The rules” are very intimidating. I’m not sure whether I am up to this or will be able to comply. Anxiety.

Is this a second chance for me or humanity?

Standing in line with naked people (I took a Gap-like outfit) reminded me of the Garden of Eden.

There was a message that flashed but I didn’t get a chance to read it. Now I am missing cues.

The instructions mention left and right clicks but I use a Mac. Now I am at a disadvantage.

I took my “baby steps” down to orientation… There is a lot of waiting… I walked over to a prospect to take in the view. I am stuck on an island but though I see others flying off, I am not ready to fly.

Now I am looking for paths, looking for other people for more cues. I notice many people are changing appearance, why? A couple of people start chatting with me. They all mention clothes in the context of being “new.” “Can you tell I’m new from my clothes?” I have no intention of ever changing clothes or appearance [but later I wonder if it will reflect poorly on my hygiene; bizarre!]

First “sign” of private property: Eye chart “owned” by Gov Linden.

WHOA! A strange creature with wings charged at me with a blue-glowing hand. Very aggressive! I backed away. What was that about?????

I chatted some more, then learned how to fly.

The hyperawareness (paranoia) is exhausting.

I exited. Had trouble falling asleep.

2 responses to “Second Life, b. 9.15.06

  1. found an interesting blogpost on Second Life here

  2. Was wandering through lovely Henry James House museum in SL and “picked up a copy” of SLED Picayune containing an invite to a Harvard open course on “persuasive, empathic argument in the Internet space”

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