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Q&A with Prof Erde

Now that this has published in the SLED Picayune issue #13, guess I can post here:


Sphere Gasser: welcome, Professor Erde!
Professor Erde: Hey how are you?
SG: fine, thank you for coming today
Professor Erde: My pleasure.
Professor Erde: Just got out of a thesis defense.
SG: i’m interviewing you for the SLED Picayune here in Lafitte’s
Blacksmith Shop Bar in New Orleans.
SG: would you like something to drink?
Professor Erde: Whatever you’re having…
Professor Erde accepted your inventory offer.
Professor Erde: So, what would you like to talk about?
SG: just a few questions. as i did not see a profile on you what would
you like to share about your background and/or bio?
Professor Erde: Sorry, yes.
Professor Erde: Need to get that profile up.
Professor Erde: I am the oldest newbie in Second life.
SG: lol
Professor Erde: I joined a long time ago.
Professor Erde: Well, not that long.
Professor Erde: But before the million-avatar march.
Professor Erde: Actually, I suspect that you can date avatars by their surname.
Professor Erde: But I haven’t found a list that does that.
SG: Erde is very old, at least in Wagnerian terms
Professor Erde: Hah! Yes, but as a surname, very new.
Professor Erde: I joined at the beginning of the school year in order
to use this avatar for my…
Professor Erde: more institutional self.
SG: have you been teaching in SL, other than the one class of ours?
Professor Erde: No! This was my first time trying to have a class in SL.
Professor Erde: I’ve participated in research group meetings, and the like.
Professor Erde: But not actually brought a class in.
Professor Erde: When I did it this semester, it was with some trepidation.
Professor Erde: Because of earlier experiences with virtual worlds and classes.
SG: what got you into SL in the first place?
Professor Erde: I think I see this as the kind of thing I was always
most interested in when it came to computers.
Professor Erde: I’ll admit, the scene in the Black Sun, really
resonated with me.
Professor Erde: As it did for many people here, I suspect.
Professor Erde: And a lot of people, like myself, have just been
waiting for the bandwidth and computer power
Professor Erde: to make that really happen.
SG: Black Sun?
Professor Erde: Sorry. It was a bar, not too unlike this one.
Professor Erde: In Stephenson’s Snow Crash.
SG: ah. so do you use the Educational facilities in SL, the Library
for instance?
Professor Erde: I’ve really only started on them.
SG: what do you think are the strenghts and the weaknesses of SL
education, briefly?
Professor Erde: Particularly on the tool side, it strikes me
that–like other tech–it’s tempting to put the tech before the horse.
Professor Erde: Or something like that.
SG: lol
Professor Erde: Or, to use one of my least favorite Comm profs, I
think we are suffering from rear-view thinking.
You: hmmm
Professor Erde: We assuming that SL classes should look like FL classes.
Professor Erde: Just like we assumed the automobile would be a
horseless carriage.
Professor Erde: I think the best sort of class to teach in SL is a class on SL.
Professor Erde: Or, more broadly, on virtual environments.
Professor Erde: I can certainly see teaching a political theory
course, or a bio course…
Professor Erde: perhaps with a bit of work.
Professor Erde: But, you have to admit, from a practical perspective,
it feels a bit like chat++.
Professor Erde: The environment sometimes superfluous.
Professor Erde: But moving the classroom here (which is sort of what
we tried to do) doesn’t work.
SG: i actually enjoy being able to sit here and watch the fire while i
chat. i think it’s much more interesting than staring at an AIM box
Professor Erde: I guess.
Professor Erde: And I suppose we share that experience.
SG: you’ve heard about the Shakespeare project. that should be a great
educational tool
Professor Erde: Yes, I think engaging in it as a role.
Professor Erde: As a social simulation.
Professor Erde: Has real promise.
Professor Erde: I think that’s one area where you really can make use
of it being more than a chat.
Professor Erde: But a lot of the discussion on SLED revolves around
things like how to import powerpoint.
Professor Erde: And that doesn’t make a lot of sense.
SG: so how could SL be strengthened as an educational tool, do you think?
Professor Erde: Improvements:
Professor Erde: I don’t think there are specific educational improvements.
Professor Erde: I think they are improvements for everyone.
Professor Erde: Actually, let me back up for a second.
Professor Erde: In terms of *institutions* being involved, SL needs to
be rock solid.
Professor Erde: We need to know that it’s going to be there in three
weeks, and in six months.
Professor Erde: We need to know that students will continue to have access.
Professor Erde: We can be relatively certain that, for example, Google
is not going anywhere in the short term.
SG: but isn’t google like flash cards compared to SL?
Professor Erde: OK, not Google then: You Tube.
Professor Erde: I don’t know what YouTube’s uptime is, but it feels like 100%
SG: i’m not sure that will ever be possible in SL
Professor Erde: I don’t know.
SG: we may have to allow grey goo to enroll in the courses 😉
Professor Erde: Yeah. I mean, I would have had grey goo problems had I
taught the whole course here this semester.
Professor Erde: I’m still planning on it for next year. But by then I
really hope things will have shaped up.
Professor Erde: But beyond that stability, I think we need to just
keep moving toward fidelity.
Professor Erde: I want voice ASAP.
Professor Erde: Right now, folks are working around (Skype) or doing similar.
SG: the headset is very fashionable
Professor Erde: Or the beta plugin (forgetting the name).
Professor Erde: But we need voice in here sooner, not later.
SG: Garbo talks!
Professor Erde: And I am enthusiastic about open sourcing the interface.
Professor Erde: We really need to be able to plug our VR gear into this thing.
Professor Erde: I want to be able to point and move and have this
relatively well reflected in-world.
Professor Erde: The future is in haptics!
SG: well, thanks for your time. would you like to submit a headshot or
shall i take a snap?
Professor Erde: Snap now, and if you don’t need to file until
tomorrow, maybe I can send an update?
Professor Erde: I need a remodel anyway.
SG: oh, avis are too obsessed with looks!
Professor Erde: Anything I should check out in the neighborhood?
SG: oh, it’s lovely here. cafe du monde, jackson square. bourbon
street. armstrong park.
Professor Erde: I’ll have a little stroll around then. See if I can
find someone to give me a bit of a remake
SG: i appreciate your time. have a great thanksgiving!
Professor Erde: You too! See you RL-side.

mashup era

Thinking about what happens to “authorship” in the new mashup era reminded me of the credits you see when you launch an application (like Photoshop). The new Firefox 2.0 was released this week. Here are the credits:

Our Contributors

We would like to thank our contributors, whose efforts make this software what it is. These people have helped by writing code and documentation, and by testing. They have created and maintained this product, its associated development kits, our build tools and our web sites.


Matti Aarnio, Josh Aas, Robert Accettura, Jason Ackley, Carl Adams, Tobias Adamson, Christopher A. Aillon, Juan Pablo Alcaraz, Jo Daniel Aleksandersen, Sam Allen, Warwick Allison, Matitiahu Allouche, A. Ambrose, Nicholas Ambrose, Andrew Anderson, Mark Anderson, Ryota Ando, Mike Ang, Hiroshi Annaka, Peter Annema, Edwin Aoki, Vidur Apparao, Carlos Araya, Smokey Ardisson, Koichi Ariyoshi, Kevin Arnold, Akhil Arora, Justin T. Arthur, Marc Attinasi


Ninoschka Baca, Ariel Backenroth, Ryan Bacon, Rodrigo Bado, Ralf Baechle, Bradley Baetz, Péter Bajusz, Jeffrey W. Baker, Jerry Baker, Kirk Baker, Mitchell Baker, Jay Ball, Stuart Ballard, John Bandhauer, Mark Banner, Jens Bannmann, Jason Barnabe, David Baron, Jason Bassford, Ricardo Batista, German Bauer, Michael Bayne, Patrick Beard, Glen Beasley, Nick Beaudrot, Nicholas Bebout, Adam Becevello, Neal Bedard, Christine Begle, Geoffrey Beir, Stephen Beitzel, Artem Belevich, Ruslan Belkin, Kevin Berkheiser, Uri Bernstein, Juraj Betak, Pete Bevin, Gayatri Bhimaraju, David Bienvenu, Christian Biesinger, Jatin Billimoria, Eric Bina, Alex Bishop, Marlon Bishop, Colin R. Blake, Jessica Blanco, Joaquin Blas, Christopher Blizzard, Garrett Blythe, Chuck Boatwright, Brian Bober, Travis Bogard, Bozhan Boiadzhiev, Mark Bokil, Nelson Bolyard, Phillip Bond, Chris Booton, Mauro Botelho, Robert E. Boughner, Joey Bowles, Norris Boyd, Kathleen Brade, Justin Bradford, Don Bragg, Ryan Brase, Daniel Bratell, Daniel Brickley, David Brittain, Eric Broadbent, Sarah Broadwell, Tomas Brodsky, Daniel Brooks, Germaine Brown, Jeremy Browne, Erik Bruchez, Ben Bucksch, Leston Buell, Simon Bünzli, Eric Burley, Edward J. Burns, Jonathan Buschmann, Grace Bush, Angela Butler-McDonald, Marc Byrd


Jeff Caldwell, Conrad Carlen, Bjorn Carlson, Laurel Carlson, Jan Carpenter, Evan Carter, Andrew Cassin, Ryan Cassin, Sudhakar Chandrasekharan, Gary Chan, John Chang, Wan-Teh Chang, Milind Changire, Steve Chapel, Christopher S. Charabaruk, Serge Charapaev, Andrew Chatham, Paul Chek, Ginn Chen, Ray Chen, Tao Cheng, Alexey Chernyak, Troy Chevalier, Pascal Chevrel, Lisa Chiang, Hankin Chick, Sean Chitwood, Joe Chou, Howard Chu, Robert Churchill, Ashley Clark, James Clark, Steve Clark, Richard Cohn, Lorenzo Colitti, Pete Collins, Scott Collins, Don Cone, Mike Connelly, Mike Connor, Alex Converse, Chris Cooper, Catherine Corre, Simone Cox, Donnie Cranford, Tim Craycroft, Neil Cronin, Todd Crowe, Jim Crumley, Crysgem, Nicholas Cull, J. Shane Culpepper, Stacey Curtis


Steve Dagley, Denis Daly, Magnus André Damli, Bruce Davidson, Angus Davis, Anthony Davis, Paul Davis, Michael Dayah, Mo DeJong, John Dee, Javi Delgadillo, Tom Dell, Vince DeMarco, Prashant Desale, Crutcher Dunnavant, Harish Dhurvasula, Matthew Dillon, Patrick-James Dionisio, Steve Dobbelstein, Jeremy M. Dolan, Simford Dong, Clayton Donley, Stephen Donner, Thomas Down, Rick Downes, Asa Dotzler, George Drapeau, Chris Dreckman, Bert Driehuis, David Drinan, York Du, Alvin Duan, Micah Dubinko, Jean-François Ducarroz, Suresh Duddi, Jim Dunn, Michael Dunn, Karsten Düsterloh, Jeff Dyer


Jason Eager, Ali Ebrahim, Rafael Ebron, Sean Echevarria, Brandon Ehle, Brendan Eich, Jan Eldenmalm, Rick Elliott, Steve Elmer, Joseph Elwell, Dawn Endico, Hans-Andreas Engel, Kai Engert, Jean-Jacques Enser, Beth Epperson, David Epstein, Harish Kumar Epuri, Ken Estes, Ramiro Estrugo, Matthias Ettrich, Jim Everingham, Christian Eyrich


John Fairhurst, Gilbert Fang, Darin Fisher, David Fisher, Matt Fisher, Greg Fiumara, Werner Fleck, Alec Flett, Bret Ford, Robin Foster, Hugues Fournier, Marc Fraioli, Joe Francis, Andreas Franke, Simon Fraser, Jonathan Freeman, Alan Freier, Noah Friedman, Michael J. Fromberger, Chris Fuchs, Koji Fujimoto, C. Fung, Igor Furlan, Scott Furman, Ryoichi Furukawa


Niccolò Gallarati, Jeff Galyan, Bruce Gao, Sean Gao, David Gardiner, Jeff Garzik, Stephen Gates, Prachi Gauriar, Serge Gautherie, Claudius Gayle, Samir Gehani, Jim Gellman, Henrik Gemal, David Gerard, Rick Gessner, John Giannandrea, Bill Gibbons, Rob Ginda, Daniel Glazman, Mike Gleeson, Jennifer Glick, Joshua Go, Esther Goes, Eli Goldberg, Sol Goldfarb, Ben Goodger, Fenella Gor, Paul Gorodyansky, Jonathan Granrose, Jarrod Gray, Joseph Gregorio, Tague Griffith, Steven Groginsky, Patrick Gu, Karl Guertin, Ramanathan Guha, Arnt Guldbrandsen, Georgi Guninski, Pat Gunn, Sanjay Gupta, Gábor Lipták


Derkjan de Haan, Dave Haas, David Hallowell, Mark B. Hamby, Mark Hammond, Paul Hangas, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen, Stefan Hanske, Jennifer Hao, Lawrence Hardiman, Stephen Hardt, Cyrus Harmon, Matthew Harmsen, Warren Harris, Hirotoshi Harunaga, Brad Hart, Mark Harvey, Achim Hasenmueller, Amancio Hasty, Jasper Hauser, Adrian Havill, Terry Hayes, Leif Hedstrom, Prabhat Hegde, Michael Hein, Brian Heinrich, Jason Heirtzler, Thorsten Heit, Robert Hencke, Richard Henderson, Patrick Hendriks, Andrew Henry, Stefan Hermes, Tara Hernandez, Daniel Rodríguez Herrera, Richard Hess, Joe Hewitt, Kipp Hickman, Ian Hickson, James Hicks, Ralf Hildebrandt, Chris Hill, Tim Hill, Ludovic Hirlimann, Stanley Ho, Eric Hodel, Grey Hodge, Andrew Hodgkinson, Chris Hofmann, Martin Honnen, Vera Horiuchi, Max Horn, Waldemar Horwat, Naoki Hotta, Chris Houck, Chad House, Dora Hsu, Candice Huang, Dave Huang, Kevin Huang, Bert Hubert, Markus Hübner, James Huff, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Dan Hugo, Roman Huy-Prech, David Hyatt, Marco S. Hyman


Miguel de Icaza, Benito Infantino, Jaagup Irve


Dave Jagoda, Darshan Jani, Neeti Jain, Jamus Jegier, Rob Jerdonek, Randell Jesup, Henry Jia, Jack Jia, David Joham, Jason Johnston, Alan S. Jones, Brian Jones, Jeffrey Jones, Dainis Jonitis, Jonas Jørgensen, Ani Joshi, Rick Ju, Michael Judge, Bob Jung, Choi Junho, Gerard Juyn


Dai. K., Shotaro Kamio, Christian Kaiser, Takuomi Kagaya, Aaron Kaluszka, Edward Kandrot, Tetsuya Kaneishi, Paul Kanz, Ryuzi Kambe, Blake Kaplan, Michael Kaply, Phil Karlton, David Karlton, Chris Karnaze, Suresh Kasinathan, Masaki Katakai, Makoto Kato, Koike Kazuhiko, Joe Keane, Chris Keating, Michael R. Kedl, R.J. Keller, Oliver Klee, Juergen Keil, Miodrag Kekic, Lina Kemmel, Todd Kennedy, Jason Kersey, Masatoshi Kimura, Brian King, Jerry L. Kirk, Christopher Kline, Marcia Knous, Kit Knox, Jeffrey S. Kobal, Teruko Kobayashi, Paul Kocher, Yannick Koehler, Kurt Kohler, Dmitry Kohmanyuk, Greg Kolanek, Justin A. Kolodziej, Stephen Koren, Greg Kostello, Chiaki Koufugata, Mike Kowalski, Daniel Kraft, Ori Kravitz, Nick Kreeger, Ramesh Krishnamagaru, John Kristian, Christopher Kritzer, Eric Krock, Jan Kroken, Scott Kronick, Radha Kulkarni, Rethi Kumar, Igor Kushnirskiy, Gerardo Kvaternik


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Ian Oeschger, Eric Olson, Zaw Oo, Wei Tsang Ooi, Serge Orlov, Tina Ornduff, Rick Osborne, Hideo Oshima, Brian Ostrom, Andreas Otte


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Florian Quèze


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Lloyd Tabb, Hidetoshi Tajima, Mark Takacs, Jerry Tan, Yung-Fong Tang, Andrew Taylor, Owen Taylor, Tim Taylor, Arshad Tayyeb, Takayuki Tei, Raman Tenneti, David Tenser, Dean Tessman, Siyuan Tian, Huynh Trinh, Namachivayam Thirumazhusai, Chris Thomas, Matthew Thomas, Andrew Thompson, Rob Thorne, Heikki Toivonen, Asko Tontti, Chris Torek, Henri Torgemane, Nathan Torkington, Rüger Torsten, Chris Toshok, Aleks Totic, Joan Touzet, Michael Toy, Archimedes Trajano, Peter Trudelle, Jeff Tsai, Doug Turner, Mahesh Tyagarajan


John Unruh, Jonas Utterstron


Judson Valeski, Peter Van der Beken, Peter VanHelden, Jan Varga, Zoltan Varga, Eric Vaughan, Dan Veditz, Rodney Velasco, Andrew Veliath, Matthias Versen, Romain Vignes, Alistair Vining, Keith Visco, Sjoerd Visscher, Frank Visser, Andy Vogel, Andrew Volkov


Håkan Waara, Steven Wagner, Ronan Waide, Jeff Walden, Stephen Walker, Cathleen Wang, Philip K Warren, Andrew Wason, Chris Waterson, Robert Watkins, Matt Watson, Jonathan Watt, Nate Weaver, Dieter Weber, Peter Weilbacher, Dan Weinstein, Jeff Weinstein, Tom Weinstein, Terry Weissman, Mark Welch, Morten Welinder, Christian Wenz, Gail White, Derek Wickersham, Duncan Wilcox, Brian C. Wiles, Ian Wilkinson, Simon Wilkinson, Steffen Wilberg, David Williams, Steve Willis, John Wilson, Matt Wilson, Daniel Witte, Taco Witte, Andrew Wnuk, Shirley Woo, Simon Woodside, Andrew Wooldridge, Edwin Woudt, Mike Wynholds, Paul Wyskoczka


Joshua Xia, Ying-Lin Xia, Antonio Xu


Satoru Yamaguchi, Kazu Yamamoto, Jay Yan, Koichi Yasuoka, Christopher Yeh, Prasad Yendluri, Bolian Yin, Roy Tetsuro Yokoyama, Eric York, Kyle Yuan


Richard Zach, Vadim Zaliva, Matthew Zahorik, Jamie Zawinski, Boris Zbarsky, Pete Zha, Leon Zhang, Louie Zhao, Philip Zhao, Silvia Zhao, Kevin Zhou, Sam Ziegler, Jiri Znamenacek

This is a list of people who have contributed significant code, documentation or Quality Assurance effort to the Mozilla Project. Any such contributors who wish to be added to the list should send mail to with your name and a sentence (citation) summarizing your contribution, something like this.

wilbur, my internet connection is down again!

second life, cont.

I’ve been exploring SL a bit more. Find I keep alternating between Berkman Island and the Henry James Museum. Also enjoy strolling the Lost Gardens of Apollo. Have seen a couple of movie theaters but no Off-Broadway types. Went looking for some cool galleries but found only an Arts & Crafts furniture showroom. Have had some pleasant conversations. Left a note at the Picayune newspaper office. See you all in-world on Thurs!

Second Life, b. 9.15.06

The first thing I saw was the notice of the security breach. So I didn’t want to give out any real information.

Next, I wondered why the choice of last name was limited. The names were all strange except for Feingold. I searched for Russ Feingold but it was already taken. I considered taking President Feingold (I’m supporting a Feingold-Obama ticket in 2008). But ultimately decided against that. [I may look for “Russ” later.]

When I got to the “Big Six” it reminded me of the Ten Commandments. I wanted to cut and paste them to study them later but wasn’t able to. I couldn’t print them out either. I guess I prefer stone tablets for critical information. “The rules” are very intimidating. I’m not sure whether I am up to this or will be able to comply. Anxiety.

Is this a second chance for me or humanity?

Standing in line with naked people (I took a Gap-like outfit) reminded me of the Garden of Eden.

There was a message that flashed but I didn’t get a chance to read it. Now I am missing cues.

The instructions mention left and right clicks but I use a Mac. Now I am at a disadvantage.

I took my “baby steps” down to orientation… There is a lot of waiting… I walked over to a prospect to take in the view. I am stuck on an island but though I see others flying off, I am not ready to fly.

Now I am looking for paths, looking for other people for more cues. I notice many people are changing appearance, why? A couple of people start chatting with me. They all mention clothes in the context of being “new.” “Can you tell I’m new from my clothes?” I have no intention of ever changing clothes or appearance [but later I wonder if it will reflect poorly on my hygiene; bizarre!]

First “sign” of private property: Eye chart “owned” by Gov Linden.

WHOA! A strange creature with wings charged at me with a blue-glowing hand. Very aggressive! I backed away. What was that about?????

I chatted some more, then learned how to fly.

The hyperawareness (paranoia) is exhausting.

I exited. Had trouble falling asleep.


How the Quinnipiac Polling Institute looked crazy-busy at 9 pm the other night and whether any part of the poll is done online.

Whether will save baby boomers like me from AARP.


How great the CSNY show was at MSG the other week and whether anyone will succeed in calling the Woodstock Generation back into action any time soon.

Whether it’s scary to say “We’re going to strip out self-selected elites” with democratizing technology. And how taking down the barriers is ultimately a good thing for everyone.

The value of “weak networking connections” and how I got invited into Doostang by a total stranger. Also, how online networks enable people to perform small acts of generosity that can really help.

Whether I should try to “build traffic for my blog” by, say, including a jobs feed.

The meaning of Baby Suri. And whether Tom Cruise is being punished, why, and by whom.

Whether luring FBI agents posing as minors into chat rooms, and then claiming you knew it was a 45 year old bald guy, is a legal defense.

Whether I blab too much in class. (Guess that one’s rhetorical.)

short self-introduction

I named this blog after one of the first websites I put up, in 1995. was Google before Google.

Actually, I think my very first site was It was a fortune-telling site inspired by the arcade game memorialized in the Tom Hanks movie Big. People from around the world — many from South America for some reason — would send questions to Madame B. And she would answer them! (Madame B. c’est moi.)

After a quarter-century in print (mostly magazine) publishing — Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, MEDIA Magazine, others — this is how I get my jollies apparently, inventing websites. Like, which launched 18 months before that ticket even formed; and, which may someday make me millions; and most especially, which just may be an entirely new form of communication.

Yep, you nailed me: I’m a dreamer.