Broader? No, Deeper

This week, CNN launches “The Forum,” or rather “connects The Forum to Facebook.”

“It allows us to reach our audience in the places where they’re aggregating their friends together and sharing their thoughts,” KC Estenson, the general manager of, said.

The item in the NY Times, entitled “Seeking Broader Reach for Social Web Sites,” continues:

“Although nobody has figured out the secret sauce,” said Tom Newman, the president of Interactive One, a new digital subsidiary of Radio One, “enabling members to interact with each other and interact with professionally generated content is the future.”

[The new] networks are making profiles portable, meaning that users can carry their social network identity to third-party sites, said Adam Ostrow, the editor of the social networking blog Mashable.

The sites are “allowing users to bring their friends from the social networks they already use” he said.

Ultimately, the meta-social network is the Web. But when I can connect to anyone, anywhere… what will I do? After “Broader,” we’ll need to focus on “Deeper.”

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