two more launches

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the handsome new portal site for our newly integrated Woodworking community under the Popular Woodworking brand. We came a long way from those early diagrams revised again and again as new groups joined Steve Shanesy and his team at the table. As usual, there are too many helpers to thank by name (because I always hear back from those I forgot!), but personally I’d like to credit Sangeeta Roy for her professionalism and calm.

The second launch (and it’s a soft launch for the next week or so) is the updated PRINT RDA online database, which features over 18,000 images from 12 years of Regional Design Award issues. This year, we are emphasizing the online subscription (with a free 11th Year DVD as a bonus while inventory supplies last). Thanks here go to the Development team (with a shoutout to Ben Thompson) and, as always, to PRINT Editorial for the high-quality content.

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