and that’s how the prince turned green

Naimya Price is all about the economics of Second Life.

With over US $1 million passing through the system every 24 hours, the number of registrations about to crack 10 million, and Linden Labs planning a new architecture to accommodate 2 billion users (up to 100 million of them simultaneously), you don’t need to be Alan Greenspan to see where this is going.

So the question is, how do we profit? Hey, hold it! Anyone who knows me knows that what I really mean is: Gosh, this is fun! Second Life is the most entertaining, educational, social, immersive, engaging, interactive, online experience on the web…or the planet. (I said, online experience; I’ll leave the SL vs. RL arguments to the philosophers.)

We already know that the web is better than print, better than radio, better than TV, right? And Second Life is better than the web.

So please pardon me for having arrived at the place where I’m asking “How do we monetize this?” We need to monetize it so that it survives and grows. We need to work here so we can continue to live and play here.

I already make my living online, spending 10+ hours a day staring at the screen. What am I looking at? Websites of the 1.0 and 2.0 variety. Microsoft Office docs, and a lot of Outlook emails. Flat, flat, flat. No wonder I find Second Life more appealing. And there are 10 million to 2 billion behind me.

As always, the economics comes down to: where can one add the most value? Maybe you’re a great builder/scripter and can make better furniture than Tequila Tapioca, better clothing than Shai Delacroix, or better buildings than Raziel Vesperia. I can’t.

I’m an idea man, with an eye for talent, and a mind that connects things in novel and funny ways. Creative marketing, I guess is what you’d call it. My kind of ROI is “Return on Innovation.”

And that’s how the prince turned green.

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