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crossworld expedition

it was just a matter of time. on july 8th, IBM and Linden Labs did it.

Turbulence in the Grid

Residents and businesses have been shaking out in the wake of tech and org turbulence. New CEO named this week, an online brand leader who still believes firmly in the SL platform and sees the future in 3D. All I can say is that my 12 year old just gave up “junk TV” willingly for a premium-paid account on Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” virtual world game. And it looks alot like Second Life to me.

cross-world expedition

My weekly inworld meetup group, SLbizNet, has been gathering every Saturday at noon SLT for many months. We’ve had lots of great sessions but now it’s time to change things up, so no more Saturdays for a while (at least, not for me; the other members may continue to meet regularly). I’ve proposed we focus on a special event: a cross-world expedition to another virtual world.

One of our members is a Java programmer and has been telling us for a long while about Open Sims and “other grids” – in fact, Jeff Barr of Amazon pointed me to a list of them here.

Wouldn’t it be fun if we gathered our SLbizNet group in SL, climbed aboard an airship or other vehicle, dematerialized and then teleported to another world? I’ve already been warned it won’t be as easy as it sounds for many reasons (SL objects aren’t portable, our avatars may not have the same appearance in the new world, etc.).

It all sounds like a fine challenge to me…

Jan. 26, 2008 meetup

Our best meeting yet, thanks to Hunter Glass of SL Business Magazine, who provided the location and brought Bare Rose and InterSection Unlimited.