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new terms of service for SL

interesting copyright details

Levis claims they invented pockets

 Levi’s, the jeans company, has become the leader in litigation, suing other designer jean companies like crazy.

Nickelodeon Launches “Second Life” for Tweens

Mike Shields

JANUARY 29, 2007 –

Nickelodeon has taken a bold step into the burgeoning virtual-worlds arena with the launch of Nicktropolis, a personalizable, avatar-dwelling playground for kids on the Web.

Nicktropolis, which goes live on and on Jan. 30, is sort of a Second Life for tweens: Kids can create a virtual identity for themselves – a 3D video game-like character which they create, picking out what color hair it has and what kind of clothes it wears, for example. Then kids can take that avatar to visit various virtual locales within Nicktropolis, such as stores, friends’ rooms, amusement parks and even virtual versions of top Nickelodeon shows, like SpongeBob’s Bikini Bottom...

Companies Are Redefining Copyright Law

…before it gets to court

Google half-done?

this guy says The Big G has a year or two of dominance left. Sound familiar, Prof H?

Glory for old QU

Colin Rule, who is head of online conflict resolution for eBay, was kind enough to blog about my final paper for ICM 522. Here’s his post.
Happy holidays to all!

sphere in fashion coverage

anyone want to go clothes shopping?