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a user-centric revenue model

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by Greg Lippert / StudioNorthCreative


PayCheckr: Keeping what’s red in the black


The Daily Heller

Also I was gratified to finally launch another pet project this week, The Daily Heller, an automated email that pulls from Steve Heller’s weekday blog postings on the PRINT magazine site. It’s compelling sponsored content – and we can now replicate this low-cost profitable model across all F+W brands.

in-text ad experiment

i finally got to try out my low-impact solution. check it out on the Popular Woodworking site

For example, when you’re reading this article on Varnish, you’ll see the double green underline that links the keyword “projects” (we picked about a dozen such generic keywords) to relevant products in the F+W store.

Now let’s see what the site visitors make of all this.