Second Life 2.0

Many of the early posts on this blog chronicle my exploration of Second Life, the 3D virtual world that was started a little over 5 years ago. QU Prof. Alex Halavais introduced his students to it so that we could hold a class meeting there when he was in Australia attending a conference. There were about half a million registered users at that time; they stopped counting after 10 million. Now they say that over a million have logged in in the past 60 days, and about 50,000 are usually “online now.”

Second Life was hyped as the future of the Web – and I happily promoted that hype. It grew out of control and a backlash – along with infrastructure issues – has pushed it off the front pages (literally).

I still evangelize SL and I still believe it is where the Web is headed in the mid term. I’ll write more about it soon.

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