publishing 2.0

People who know me know I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a decade or more, having come out of two decades of print publishing. As I troll (and I don’t mean I’m a troll) the Net for relevant discussions, I keep coming back to Scott Karp’s Publishing 2.0.

The current discussion about Drudge vs. NY Times particularly resonated with me as I had a similar passage in my paper for this summer’s course in mobile tech:

When I first used the BlackBerry browser to Go To, it prompted me to try the mobile edition. Eventually, I figured out how to add the “T” shortcut to my BlackBerry home page, so I begin my daily browsing by clicking on that. I read the top stories but often find they are several hours old. I have often read them the night before and there is very little new / news here.

WaPo also offers a Blackberry shortcut. I click that, then usually skip directly to the political news and read one or two stories.

I soon give up searching the traditional media and head straight for The Drudge Report, which is updated throughout the day. Interestingly, I was never much of a fan of this site in my pre-BlackBerry days. But I now understand the importance of having all those links in close proximity. When you are essentially “using your thumb” to consume information, the less scrolling and typing the better. Also, because it is text-based with only a couple of images, Drudge loads FAST. Using Drudge as my base, I quickly jump to my other main sources of information.

I will also scan The Huffington Post on occasion. As with Drudge, this was never a site I visited much via computer, but I see now that its bite-sized posts are easy to digest and scroll through quickly. In other words, Drudge and HuffPo appear optimized for consumption on mobile device, which may explain why they are popular with the BlackBerry business class.

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