Independent Study – Fall 08

It’s time to crank this blog back up, to document this semester’s Independent Study course with Prof. Phillip Simon. Here are the basics:

Is There Effective Communication in the Era Web Based Social Networking?

In the post-Web 2.0 era, social networks like MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook
have created “connectivity” but often lack the structured content that
connects people. Now that I have hundreds or thousands of “friends,” what do
I talk about? What do I DO?

This Independent Study for Fall 2008 will research whether there is a place
for structured interactive conversations connecting people online around the

Leveraging the work I have done in ICM courses – I intend to research,
outline, and write a paper answering the important question of what’s next
for social networking.

I will present a historical perspective of early Internet offerings up to
present day. I will examine what the World Wide Web might have to offer to a
50-year-old professional like me, and ponder the future for social
networking in an effort to propose a new mode of social networking that will
engage people in a meaningful exchange of ideas.

12/8 for final draft
11/17 for first draft
10/13 outline
Literature review starting now

One response to “Independent Study – Fall 08

  1. Great start, and good use of the blog! Perfect for my comments.
    I would say its a new “paradigm” of social networking. Too early to start describing modes. That’s for your final project. Remember you are asking the question. And be careful not to assume that a “meaningful exchange of ideas” do not occur on some level, maybe even a profound level. What makes what you are looking for different? Is it worth an examination of the sociology of what is going on, and perhaps the psychology? Also, what are the qualities of a 50 year old like you that feels a vacuum. Sorry for the stream of questions, but your notions bring up so many great ideas. Its going to be hard to focus on a just a few to examine.

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