Final SL Class post

No SL access from QU campus, so only the “remote” students — Gigii, Wii, Kram and me — were able to make it inworld. Gigii called into the classroom by cellphone and took final instructions from the folks locked in meatspace.

We said our goodbyes, then coaxed Kram (who was “ruthing” again) into a souvenir snap at the Ecoutee store.


Gigii and Wii made all the final Marketing tweaks: 2D website URL on back wall (with click-link to site itself), and new email address for Flickr postcard collection (now at

Gigii had great news tonight: Etopia has named her as the sim’s official graphic designer and she is opening a second store in the second Etopia sim, E2.

I suggested she try a repeat Grand Opening timed to the coming Etopia Winter Festival. I offered my help with anything she might need.

We took one final team snap and called the project DONE!


My next projects include: bringing Lalique crystal inworld, and finding a sponsor to help develop an SL kite-flying association.


My SLbizNet weekly inworld networking group meets Saturdays at noon SLT. Join us!


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