recent (in)action

Ain’t nothin goin on but the rent at our Etopia store.


So in the meantime, I’m trying to come up with some new promotional ideas. One day, I tried to log in and SL was down. The notice referred me to the official blog and when I went there, I saw that it displayed a Flickr SL Group feed down the left side. So I joined the group and uploaded a snap Gigii and I had taken when we first rented the store and put up a crude Ecoutee logo sign. Within a couple of minutes, it displayed on the blog page. I figure that’s good for a few impressions.


I also looked into how to list an SL event (which we later learned is one of Kram’s tricks for generating traffic). So as soon as Gigii, Wii and I get together and figure out when our Grand Opening will be, we can add it to the Event list. I’m hoping we can have it coincide with a scheduled event on Etopia for maximum impact.

During the last session, our class visited Etopia and we met WilliamtheWise and Jojogirl, who founded and manage the Eco-Village. They are great folks and always helpful. I’m happy we decided to locate there. I’ve been spending time with them and the other residents, chatting and getting to know each other. The other night at the Fair Trade coffeehouse, one couple announced their engagement. The assembled group congratulated them and began asking questions about their plans for the wedding. I asked if they intended to announce it in the New York Times and wondered whether the paper would carry such an item. I intend to find out.

In a related development, I was contacted by a reporter for the New York Post who interviewed me for a proposed follow-up to this story. We’ll see what comes of it…

On the readings, we had Politics, the whole “performativity” piece – and that bizarre class session about gifting among the tribes of the long pig. I enjoy these Platonic Dialogues and I’m glad we’ve finally stopped complaining about “the platform” and are getting into the actual subject matter. Sometimes, though I end up missing the point of the discussion.

I think our experiment with voice a while ago turned out quite interesting. It forced us to finally acknowledge that this all works better when everyone is in their own space (rather than in the same classroom). At least that’s what I got out of it. We had one full session with voice that seemed to work OK. Then after that, we had a session where the Prof had voice and the rest of us typed (which is my personal favorite method). But the Prof felt weird and ended up typing himself. And then in the most recent class, we all reverted to typing. Hmmmm.

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