final project ramp up

I’m on the Ecoutee Team with Christina and Cliff. Christina is the team leader and we are continuing our previous work to bring her organic t-shirts to Second Life.

We have met several times inworld, in various locations. On the first occasion, Christina/Gigii purchased a parcel of land from another classmate (the land baron known as Kram) and Wii and I helped her remove the For Sale signs, put a perimeter around the property and eject a snoozing land-bot. There were several avatars circling the parcel, and Gigii was excited to step up from resident to owner. She started building her Ecoutee headquarters there.

I gave Wii, who enjoys building, a vehicle object I had purchased previously and he was going to see whether it could be used for our current purposes. Then, as Chief Marketing Officer on the project, I went off to research the competitive landscape (heh-heh). I did an inworld search for ALL “eco” places and found a sim called Ecotopia (aka Etopia) with a related SL Group.

I visited Etopia and found it very similar in orientation to Gigii’s product and philosophy. When the team next met, I had some bamboo bicycles and other freebies I had picked up at Etopia and I invited the other two to tour it with me. We took the monorail and circumnavigated the entire sim. There was a store for rent in a prominent location and we pondered whether this might be a good place to have an Ecoutee outpost.

We also visited Yarn-Mart, which is in Plush Mega (not Etopia) and found it to be a good model for an organic clothing store — taking special note of the displays and links to an RL ecommerce website.

I returned to Etopia again another night to find that the store had been transformed into an organic restaurant. There were some residents chatting in the Fair Trade coffee house next door and I introduced myself. I was shown some other spaces for rent. I learned again the hard way that things change very quickly in SL, and opportunities should be seized or risk being lost.

Gigii by now had become fond of Etopia and wanted an outpost there. We returned again and finally secured a location that will serve her purposes in the long run. She is preparing our proposal presentation tonight using notes and snaps that I have provided (along with contributions from Wii). She will also unveil a surprise tomorrow in class.

I feel we have done a good bit of research (you’re never done with research) and have set out for ourselves a clear and achievable plan. The best part is knowing that it is not merely an exercise but the start of an actual small business that may benefit from our efforts.

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