ecoutee market research


Eco-topia Island and Yarn Mart

[15:56] Etopia Island Greeter: Hello Naimya Price, welcome to Etopia Island
[15:56] Etopia Island Greeter owned by WilliamThewise Goodman gave you ‘Welcome to Etopia Island!’ ( ).
[15:58] Donation Box: Thank you very much for supporting the growth of Etopia Island!
[16:00] Wii Xi is Online
[16:01] You: hey wii
[16:01] Wii Xi: hey
[16:02] Etopia Gift Box V1.5 owned by Naimya Price gave you ‘Etopia Gift Box V1.5’ ( ).
[16:02] Wii Xi: interesting box
[16:03] You: nice bike
[16:04] Wii Xi: very nice bike
[16:04] Wii Xi: can be useful for the project
[16:05] You: i just picked this up at etopia ecovillage
[16:05] Wii Xi: very interesting
[16:06] You: might be a good place to cross-promote ecoutee
[16:06] Wii Xi: true true
[16:06] You: have you heard from christine since thurs?
[16:07] Wii Xi: she called breifly to ask for my shirt size, but other than that, no
[16:07] You: any luck with that Vehicle thing I gave you?
[16:07] Wii Xi: i’ve only looked at it breifly this weekend
[16:07] You: we should figure out asap if it’s really going to work, otherwise shift to plan B
[16:08] Wii Xi: I’ll have a definite idea before Thursday if it can be done or not
[16:08] You: ok great
[16:08] You: so what else can we accomplish while we’re waiting?
[16:08] Wii Xi: I dunno
[16:09] You: i’ll do some more Searches for related stuff
[16:09] Wii Xi: I’m going to check on the code for what u’ve given me the other day again, and anything on this bike that might help
[16:09] You: ok
[16:11] Gigii Boucher is Online
[16:12] Gigii Boucher: hey
[16:13] Wii Xi: hey
[16:13] Gigii Boucher: had a lil trouble signing in
[16:13] Gigii Boucher: how are u both?
[16:13] Wii Xi: it’s ok
[16:13] Gigii Boucher: cool bike
[16:14] Wii Xi: tired and have more work to get done
[16:14] Gigii Boucher: looks like i have neighbors
[16:14] Gigii Boucher: same here
[16:14] Wii Xi: btw, the bike wont let me view it’s code
[16:14] Wii Xi: so I have to go by the car’s code
[16:14] Gigii Boucher: i will be emailing u both tonight with all of the stuff ive put together
[16:14] Wii Xi: *its
[16:14] You: ah good
[16:14] Gigii Boucher: thats odd
[16:14] You: what?
[16:15] Gigii Boucher: that he cant see the bike code
[16:15] You: oh, not so odd, not everything is shared here
[16:15] Gigii Boucher: oooo
[16:15] Wii Xi: i know
[16:15] Gigii Boucher: that makes sense
[16:15] Wii Xi: but it would have made things easier; lol
[16:15] You: anyway, i was just visiting eco-village
[16:15] You: a good place to cross-promote
[16:16] Gigii Boucher: is eco-village a store?
[16:16] You: no an entire sim. want to visit there?
[16:16] Gigii Boucher: sure
[16:17] Gigii Boucher accepted your inventory offer.
[16:17] Wii Xi accepted your inventory offer.
[16:17] Etopia Tram: Main Station
[16:17] Etopia Tram: Departure in 60 seconds.
[16:17] You: let’s get on the tram
[16:17] You: wii, can you lose the bike
[16:17] Wii Xi: sorry
[16:18] Etopia Tram: Smooth Travel Activated
[16:18] You: i love trains in Sl
[16:18] Gigii Boucher: this is cool
[16:18] You: they take you past all the right stuff
[16:19] Etopia Tram: Mountain Station
[16:19] Etopia Tram: Departure in 20 seconds.
[16:19] You: this is so nice
[16:19] Etopia Tram: Smooth Travel Activated
[16:19] Gigii Boucher: it is
[16:19] Gigii Boucher: so this is its own sim on the grid?
[16:20] You: click your Map button and you can see it
[16:20] Gigii Boucher: cool
[16:20] You: hey whales!
[16:20] Gigii Boucher: so where are headed?
[16:20] You: dunno
[16:20] Gigii Boucher: lol oh ok
[16:20] You: we can get off whenever you want
[16:20] Etopia Tram: Plaza Station
[16:20] Etopia Tram: Departure in 20 seconds.
[16:20] Gigii Boucher: so is this whole sim organic?
[16:21] You: eco, if that’s the same thing
[16:21] Gigii Boucher: yeah
[16:21] Gigii Boucher: aweome
[16:21] Gigii Boucher: awesome
[16:21] You: where we came in there was a directory
[16:21] Etopia Tram: Smooth Travel Activated
[16:21] Gigii Boucher: ok
[16:21] Gigii Boucher: so stores etc?
[16:21] You: yep. there was one space for rent for $500 Lindens per week
[16:21] Gigii Boucher: wow
[16:22] Etopia Tram: Bayview Station
[16:22] Etopia Tram: Departure in 20 seconds.
[16:22] You: but maybe we can do some cross promoting here
[16:22] Kram Sidran is Online
[16:22] Gigii Boucher: i think thats a great idea
[16:22] Etopia Tram: Smooth Travel Activated
[16:22] Wii Xi: that would help get the name out to the public
[16:23] You: they have a Friday meeting. we should attend
[16:23] You: is there where we got on?
[16:23] Gigii Boucher: looks that way
[16:23] Etopia Tram: Main Station
[16:23] Etopia Tram: Departure in 60 seconds.
[16:23] You: here’s the directory
[16:24] You: gigii over here
[16:24] Etopia Tram: Smooth Travel Activated
[16:24] You: anyway, seems like “our” kinda folks
[16:25] Gigii Boucher: this is cool
[16:25] You: ok, we can go back to your place or continue exploring here
[16:25] Gigii Boucher: so can we advertise here?
[16:25] Gigii Boucher: what did u have in mind naimya?
[16:26] You: i just found it tonight so i’ll scope it further but i think one or more of us should attend the Friday Gathering and get advice from the others
[16:26] Gigii Boucher: what time is that?
[16:26] Gigii Boucher: i dont think i can friday.. im having a halloween party at my house
[16:27] Wii Xi: brb – quickly
[16:27] You: 10 pm ET
[16:31] You: here’s the store for rent
[16:31] You: we’re out here wii
[16:31] You: nice space
[16:31] You: just walk in
[16:32] You: through the doors
[16:32] Gigii Boucher: im laggin
[16:32] You: oh you must be on a PC
[16:32] Wii Xi: but im lagging too
[16:32] You: not me
[16:32] Wii Xi: and on a mac 😦
[16:32] Wii Xi: bad internet
[16:32] You: what service? Optimum?
[16:32] Wii Xi: lol
[16:33] Wii Xi: dsl
[16:33] You: Gigii, i wonder if we could rent this for a week or two
[16:33] Gigii Boucher: maybe
[16:33] Gigii Boucher: its nice
[16:33] You: for the grand opening
[16:34] You: would avoid having to build from scratch
[16:34] Gondola: Main Station
[16:34] Gondola: Departing in 1 minute.
[16:34] Gigii Boucher: wish we found this b4 i bought land
[16:34] You: well, you kinda rushed into that. but i’m sure you could sell it for same or more
[16:34] Gigii Boucher: had no choice i needed land for the project
[16:35] Gigii Boucher: mark gave me a good deal
[16:35] You: i’ve got plenty of Lindens. I could rent this for a month if we wanted
[16:35] Wii Xi: true true
[16:35] You: yes and that’s always a good investment
[16:35] Gigii Boucher: but id rather build my own place
[16:35] You: ok, that’s good too
[16:35] Gigii Boucher: lets keep this in mind
[16:35] Gigii Boucher: and see where we end up
[16:35] You: just good to know there’s a “home” for you with its own community and traffic
[16:36] Gigii Boucher: yes very true
[16:36] Gigii Boucher: my goal is to have the headquaters built by next week
[16:36] You: wow, ok
[16:36] Gigii Boucher: may be worth getting anyway
[16:36] You: so i will continue to find “friends” and hooking up
[16:36] Gigii Boucher: sounds good
[16:36] Gigii Boucher: any other findings?
[16:36] You: i found an organic yarn shop but haven’t visited
[16:36] Gigii Boucher: interesting
[16:36] Gigii Boucher: wonder if they have shop cats
[16:37] You: they have an event going on nearby. want to visit?
[16:37] Gigii Boucher: i think we should rent this as soon as we are ready for launch
[16:37] Gigii Boucher: sure
[16:38] You: you explore i’ll brb
[16:39] Gigii Boucher: cool virtual snow
[16:40] Beetoe: You are not the owner of this vehicle …
[16:41] ClickMe!!! owned by calvinzz Ansett gave you ‘Yarn-Mart-Pants-Green’ ( ).
[16:41] ClickMe!!! owned by calvinzz Ansett gave you ‘PleasureUmbrella***’ ( ).
[16:42] You: upstairs gigii
[16:43] You: hey, this is very cool
[16:43] Gigii Boucher: def
[16:44] You: very cool stuff. good models for you
[16:44] Gigii Boucher: i agree
[16:45] Gigii Boucher: i like they way they display the clothes
[16:45] Gigii Boucher: good idea
[16:46] Wii Xi: these displays have back images
[16:46] Gigii Boucher: what is thje diff between uploading bulk upload and upload one image?
[16:46] You: and did you see the yarn posters link to a browser
[16:46] Gigii Boucher: can u upload more than one on bulk?
[16:46] Gigii Boucher: yes i did
[16:47] Wii Xi: oh I didn’t notice that!
[16:47] You: yeah but i think it still costs the same per, maybe it’s just easier a bunch at a time
[16:47] Gigii Boucher: thats y i was curious
[16:47] Gigii Boucher: is there a limit?
[16:47] Wii Xi: I think that’s how the bulk system works too
[16:47] You: see this is why “location” is so important
[16:47] Wii Xi: costs the same, just less to worry about uploading
[16:48] Gigii Boucher: good
[16:48] Gigii Boucher: thats waht i was hoping
[16:48] You: you have folks coming to places like this who are sympathetic…
[16:48] You: whereas if you build just anywhere, you don’t know who’s coming thru
[16:48] Gigii Boucher: true
[16:48] Gigii Boucher: we will be seen here
[16:48] Wii Xi: brb again (sorry)
[16:48] You: nice scenery here
[16:48] Gigii Boucher: waht is the tier for a rent like that?
[16:49] Gigii Boucher: do u think we should rent the store for the projct?
[16:49] You: let’s think about it. see how far you get building your own. we have it as backup
[16:49] Gigii Boucher: ok good deal
[16:49] Gigii Boucher: i like it here
[16:49] You: well remember this isn’t eco village
[16:50] Gigii Boucher: no i know
[16:50] Gigii Boucher: eco village is where the store is
[16:50] You: this is plush mega.
[16:50] You: i don’t know what else is around this
[16:50] Gigii Boucher: is there anything else we need to discuss at this point?
[16:51] Gigii Boucher: yup
[16:51] You: well, if you send us your notes, we can do our blog posts. may i use our conversation tonight as a “research” post?
[16:51] Gigii Boucher: absolutely
[16:51] You: thx
[16:52] Gigii Boucher: wii any luck with the double ee tee?
[16:52] Gigii Boucher: no problem nai
[16:52] Wii Xi: back
[16:52] Gigii Boucher: as soon as wii gets back lets head back to blorkus
[16:52] Gigii Boucher: i want to take a photo of us 3
[16:52] You: wii says he’ll know by thurs whether he can use the Vehicle
[16:52] Gigii Boucher: cool
[16:52] Wii Xi: let’s head to blorkus!
[16:53] Wii Xi: lol
[16:53] You: k
[16:53] Gigii Boucher: ok lets do it
[16:54] Gigii Boucher: i want ur bike
[16:54] Gigii Boucher accepted your inventory offer.
[16:54] You: wear
[16:54] Gigii Boucher: awesome
[16:54] You: let’s get a pic
[16:55] You: where’s yours wii
[16:55] You: hello wii
[16:55] Gigii Boucher: k photo time
[16:55] You: mount up, pal
[16:56] You: ok
[16:56] Gigii Boucher: get next to me wii
[16:56] You: go to gigii’s side
[16:56] Wii Xi: ok
[16:56] Wii Xi: …which side? lol
[16:57] You: let’s line up in front of the boxes
[16:57] Gigii Boucher: dont move
[16:57] Gigii Boucher: good shot
[16:57] Wii Xi: oops
[16:57] Gigii Boucher: damn
[16:57] Wii Xi: SORRY!!
[16:57] Gigii Boucher: lol its ok
[16:57] Wii Xi: where do u wan t me to go?
[16:57] Gigii Boucher: stay
[16:57] Gigii Boucher: puit
[16:57] Gigii Boucher: lol
[16:57] Wii Xi: *is frozen*
[16:57] You: ok gigii, get between us
[16:58] Gigii Boucher: ok
[16:58] Gigii Boucher: think u can come closer nai?
[16:58] You: that’ ok?
[16:59] Gigii Boucher: perfect

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