Here’s Revision 1:

a) The banner is done. (Andy)

b) The love seat is almost done. Christina, check to see if this is good to go as is, or do you want some texture or a color. Your call.

c) TREES – Alan needs to build 2. Tried to create, but only land owner can do that. Please work with Andy on this.

d) Tee shirts – Judy & Christine

e) Andy can build the clothesline w/tee shirts when c & d are done

f) Shooting schedule. To be decided by tomorrow. Christine & I will let you know. All of us should be prepared for a few minutes work, well maybe a bit more, if the actors cannot meet when needed. (this is going to be a rush because of the tight time schedule)

g) Alan – to send report to Prof. Halavais by Oct. 9 as team leader

h) Anyone who wants to assist in editing, just shout

That’s all for now. Any concerns, questions, please contact.


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