From: The Commitee (repost)

To: Alan, Andy, Christine, Colleen, Judy
CC: Professor Alex Halavais, Christine Amore, Ecoutee partner
From: The Committee for Ecoutee
RE: Ecoutee commercial

This is a collaboration of very talented people with great ideas. This is also a :30 commercial, so we’ve assigned tasks based on our conversations. This is also a work in progress, so please speak up if you want to edit anything, need assistance, need to share the workload, anything at all, but remember the deadline is this Thursday, Oct.11.

The idea is to keep it simple. That means script, builds, music. Please ask for help. We’re in this together. Your job, if you accept it, is listed below. Let’s keep all communiqués via email. Please cc: everyone with major edits.

Shoot a commercial in Second Life for a new company, Ecoutee, to introduce their brand of clothing to other avatars.
See attached pdf. Smaller version is also at end of document.
Andy – builder
1) Scenes 1, 5, 6, 7
Scene 1 – banner w/copy. Background is supposed to be Orientation Island.
Scene 5 – Trees should have earth-toned leaves. Tees are different colors.
One tree has ee (last e reversed) carved into it. Perhaps, but not
necessary, it can be seen here.
Scene 6 – CU of #5, showing ee carve
Scene 7 – Perhaps they could sit on the box Alan made instead of a sofa. It
could also be something natural (and easy) like a rock.
Alan – agent (signed on female avator), actor (plays male avatar), manager
Christine – music, film, editor, writer
Colleen – film, writer, agent (husband will do VO for Philipee)
Judy – designer, editor, writer

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