Gigii, Valentine, JudyPat, Alypius and Naimya – it took a week to corral everyone and get them onboard with the general concept. during our brief meeting after class, we divvied up the chores this way:

Gigii and JudyPat will work on the t-shirt(s) and the clothes rack

Gigii will also choose music

Gigii and Valentine will tweak the script (esp. motivation) and Valentine will finalize

Valentine is movie director

We have several actors willing to volunteer and on standby

Alypius and Naimya will try to figure out how to script the “vehicle” T-shirt

Alypius et al. will build set / storefront etc.

I bought a loveseat w/poses for $L18.

I’m just throwin everything I got up there and hopin it sticks…


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