ihb (part 3)

prof says we gotta blog. so here’s a catchup from the past week or two

…but i love crazy ideas like this: combining Christina’s ecoutee
organic clothling line (love that double e logo!) with the SL Siamese
twin idea, with the class machinima project, with a money-making

So here’s my concept: Our machinima is a :30 second commercial (which
we can upload to YouTube) for Ecoutee fashions.

The “story” of the commercial is two different avatars (we can use two
of our team members as the two actors – probably male-female for
mainstream appeal)

We see them individually “being born” into SL, customizing their
appearance, and “going somewhere” — we use split screen (nod to
DePalma’s bizarro twin movie “Sisters”)

“Where they are going” is to the Ecoutee store/location (can be a barebones set)

Once they arrive there, they “join” by sitting on a chair or other
scripted object whose script “twins” them together in a SINGLE double
ee T-shirt (in fact, we can coin a new T-shirt size: “double ee” that
Christina can actually sell (or that can be available exclusively in

Of course, the T-shirt and Ecoutee store in SL can be hotlinked to
launch a browser that opens to the Real Life (RL) Ecoutee website
where Christina’s organic clothes can be ordered.

The big money comes in when we approach IFC to do a joint marketing
venture to promote their recent mockumentary “Brothers of the Head,”
about Siamese Twin punk rockers.


We get IFC to pay us to re-create the brothers as avatars and do a
concert to promote the DVD release in-world — “mock sponsored” by
Ecoutee Fashions.

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