SL demographics (July 07)

July 2007 key metrics released by Meta Linden.

You can download the Excel spreadsheet here.

Users are 58% male, 42% female

25-34 is largest age group, followed by 18-24, then 35-44. Half as many are 45+

Top countries are: U.S., Brazil, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Australia

So who are the users of Second Life? Looks to me like they are mostly affluent, privileged young adults from the developed countries. Early adopters, cultural influencers, the folks who are — or will be — running the world. But that’s just a quick takeaway from the snapshot.

What do I think they want? Well, according to New World Notes, dancing is the most popular activity. See the Top 20 list of most popular places in SL.

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