I hate building

I hate building. Vectors, ratios, coordinates… not my strong suit. (Speaking of suits, I picked up a nice fall wardrobe in under 20 minutes by consulting Second Man for the latest styles and making a beeline for Casa del Shai and Jeepers Creepers.)

I glanced through the chapters on building in SLOG and my eyes glazed over. But prof says I need to have basic proficiency so I can evaluate a project team – plus it’s a requirement for the course and the program – so build I must.

A chair. Let’s see. I have at least one chair in my Library. I rezzed it (and rented Tron from the public library this weekend to see where the word rez originated) and then copied the “sit script” into my Inventory.

My strong suit in SL is creative marketing. I get my kicks from the user experience side. So naturally, I can’t just make a chair. What else can you sit on? I thought about making a cube and pasting an image of the Herman Miller Aeron chair on all sides. But people would probably say that was cheating or cheap (the chairs, however, at $1000 are not cheap)

What else can you sit on? A pole! Yes, pole-sitting is a long-neglected art. And it’s part of the history of advertising and marketing. I will build a pole and sit on it. A cylinder up to the max prim height of 10m. A sphere on top with the “sit script” embedded.

It turned out to be not as easy as that. Details when I show & tell in class.

And I’m looking for a sponsor for when Naimya Price goes after the record for pole sitting in SL.



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