notes from SLCC Chicago 2007

The SLCC in Chicago last weekend was great fun. In addition to the sold-out SL show (750 registrants), a steroid-infused ESPN event and a lovely real-life wedding were also taking place in the same Hilton Hotel and it was funny to see all the characters mixing in the lobby.

I attended the Business seminar track and heard several speakers talk about their projects: talked about their appropriately themed Amazon River “attraction”
SL Dublin is sponsored by Blarney Stone bar-restaurants and is growing rapidly
A passionate young designer showed how she creates fashions in SL and then sells them in RL (real life)
A creative director for an SL development company said the next buzzword after “engagement” is “involvement”
A marketing firm showed how they will use product placement in SL to build real-world brand awareness and sales

The other tracks were: Social (identity, interpersonal relationships, etc.), Education (very well attended as over 300 colleges are using SL), and the so-called Machinima (using SL to make animation videos).

The masquerade ball was a blast, and I was lucky enough to have Sphere Gasser as my date. We met lots of interesting folks (Ph.Ds, software developers, etc.) and I was even interviewed by Reuters. Talk about “engagement,” see the last quote below:

What will the next year bring in Second Life?

Jeska Linden. Linden Lab community and product wrangling: “We’ll continue to be amazed by the creativity of the Second Life residents and hopefully we’ll be able to open source the servers.”

Prokofy Neva: “A better search that will actually harm the economy because it will remove ‘traffic’ from search results. But ultimately it will attract a lot more people to find stuff and there will be more shopping. We can be sure of that.”

Jeroen Frans. Metaverse developer: “Second Life will only grow much larger.”

Moo Money. SLCC Machinima track coordinator: “I look forward to all the new residents breathing life into the main grid.”

Forsythe Whitfield: “More live music, and more completely immersive environments.”

Thediva Rockin. “A more fashionable Second Life. That’s what I’m pulling for and I’m here to clean up the streets.”

Jennyfur Peregrine. SLCC co-host: “I’m really hoping for grid stability.”

takup0pe Neumann. “Something awesome and open source.”

Gigs Taggert. “Best bug hunter”: “The expansion of the open source program with various third party modifications will provide a better experience.”

Durango Ringo: “More furries.

Joshua Nightshade: “Robots will become the next fetish for Second Life.”

Stroker Serpentine. Host of the Ball, adult products mogul, currently involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit: “Better sex.”

Regina Lynn. columnist: “Lots and lots of sex.”

Izzy Linden. Linden Lab concierge: “Increased satisfaction among the membership.”

Sphere Gasser: “We’re going up to twenty million. See you there!”

Jazz Asylum had the band at the Leather & Lace Masquerade Ball stop the music to get down on one knee before Chelle Moore, who he met in Second Life last October. She said yes, and all of SLCC cheered.

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