Sphere’s report on SL press conference


I attended a fascinating press conference on Tuesday, held by virtual entrepreneur Anshe Chung, who has been called the Donald Trump of Second Life (though her avatar’s hair looks more realistic than the RL Donald’s).

She was there to claim her status as the first SL millionaire — if converted into U.S. dollars, her virtual land holdings would exceed $1,000,000 in value. It’s inspiring that a Chinese-born woman has purportedly reached the pinnacle of in-world business — from an original $10 investment!

The press conference was held in a beautiful Chinese-themed hall with billowing curtains and tall porcelain vases and lanterns. There were more than two dozen journalists covering the event, which lasted over 90 minutes. Most of the questions were about her finances, but many other interesting topics were discussed. There was this brief exchange about Education:

Q: i’d like your take on education in SL. Have you worked with any educators or is that an area you think can benefit / grow to a strong level like the business area in SL?

Anshe Chung: Second Life is ideal for education and non profit activities. The potential may even surpass that for companies. Distance learning is very strong, adding social context and immersive learning space.

Later that night, I decided to visit some of Chung’s locations for the first time. Here’s what I found:

The epicenter of the Anshe Chung empire. You stand in the middle of a circular walkway listing the various Anshe Chung worlds available:
Commercial, Furries, Buccaneers, Asia, Japanese, Deutschland, Arabia, Residential, Gothica, Pride, Mediterranean, Island Living, Arctica

Online “realtors” are reachable by IM to help.

Around the perimeter are Media, Merchandise, Entertainment, and Prefabs & Animations areas. The Prefabs come from parent company Anshe Chung Studios (ACS), which is advertising for a Marketing Specialist. Here’s the verbatim listing:

Anshe Chung Studios is a leading developer in SL, IMVU and There. ACS has been founded and is fully owned by Second Life residents. We are a young and rapidly growing team of ambitious Metaverse pioneers. We believe in virtual worlds as an endless frontier and opportunity for empowering people.

LOCATION: Anshe Chung Studios headquarters

POSITION: Marketing Specialist (full time)

SALARY: 8000 Yuan / month + social benefits package

MISSION: Design and execute marketing campaigns for our products and services, assisted by our art team.

REQUIREMENTS: Native English speaker with excellent writing skills. Experienced with professional marketing in Second Life and the Web.

SL OUTREACH: We require applicants to relocate to Wuhan, China. The only exception are individuals who are immobilized due to disability, in which case we provide a telecommuting option.

APPLY: Please submit your application and resume via email to guni@anshechung.com
Next I visited the ACS Store in Plush City. It was a huge showroom with larger prefabs for sale. A big Oriental structure with fire-breathing golden dragons on the roof was priced at $4500L


I left the store and walked the deserted streets of Dreamland Tradefair. There was a shop called Tokyo Shape Ageha that offered female figures, and another called Avilion Mist filled with capes and cloaks.

Here’s some more info on buying real estate from Anshe Chung (the source is ACS):

Looking to purchase or rent land in Dreamland Residential or Commercial Sims? We are SL’s largest privately held community offering themed and zoned simulators without all the chaos of the mainland. Please message Dirk Talamasca for sales information.

Angel, Sims, Simulator, Tropical, Islands, Victorian, Forests, Realty, Anshe Chung, ACS, Beach, Property, Rentals, Lakes, Streams, Mountains, Buying, Purchase, Jungle, Lease, Gorean, Mediterranean, Gothic, Spanish, Gay/Lesbian, BDSM, Living, Residences, Homes, Central Park, Lifestyles, Land, Parcels, Snowy Regions

Find your new home in ANSHECHUNG Studios’s Dreamland continent – the cutting edge of zoned community development, featured in media publications such as Fortune Magazine or Business 2.0. From the desert of A’ksha to the peaks of Tiger Creek, from the sandy beaches of Newport to the Asian sims in south Dreamland you find breathtaking landscapes, diverse communities and much more to explore. More than 90 residentially zoned sims! Open your business in the Plush commercial district. Or find your very own island hide away.

Our land prices (no premium account required):
– 1024sqm 4999 L$ / 8$ tier – newbies only pay 1024 L$!
– 3072sqm 14999 L$ / $15 tier
– 4096sqm 19999 L$ / $20 tier
– 5120sqm 24999 L$ / $25 tier
– 9216sqm 44999 L$ / $40 tier
– 13312sqm 64999 L$ / $60 tier
– 16384sqm 79999 L$ / $75 tier
– larger parcels available

Rental rates for those who prefer to rent:
– 2048sqm – $15 monthly
– 4096sqm – $25 monthly
– 8192sqm – $50 monthly
– larger parcels and L$ rentals available

BeachFront Paradise-water
Zoned community by ANSHECHUNG Studios, Ltd.
In Dreamland’s 8 isolated island sims we provide a maximum of privacy and protected waterfront. These islands are zoned purely residential.
Properties can be either bought or rented:

– Diamond Island
– Ruby Island
– Topaz Island (African theme)
– Tahiti Island
– Menagerie Island
– Emerald Island
– Solaris
– Sapphire Island

All islands listed above are part of Dreamland, a professionally managed zoned area that by now comprises more than 100 sims.
Dreamland Pride (GLBT)

Zoned community by ANSHECHUNG Studios, Ltd.
This 5 simulator mini-continent is hosting what many consider the most exclusive gay/lesbian neighbourhood in Second Life. Most sims here are zoned residential, a small commercial area exists in Provincetown and will soon be expanded. Properties can be either bought or rented.
And finally this intriguing offer to newbies:
Avatars 30 days old or younger are elligible for Starter Land on the Dreamland continent. Instead of 4999 L$ you only pay 1024 L$ for your first plot of land in our sims. Starter Land is currently available in Ellis Island and, if you are a furry, also in Tiger Creek. Both sims are zoned strictly residential. Please contact Sharrah Spaight for more information or visit www.anshechung.com. Starter Land is a service provided by ANSHECHUNG.COM and is in no way related to First Land offered by Linden Lab.

One response to “Sphere’s report on SL press conference

  1. Good report, Sphere, but I don’t think you got to the bottom of things quite as well as this report in the Second Life Herald, in which you figure, oddly enough:


    Good point about Anshe and Donald’s hair, btw.

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