pix from Weds class paper presentations

as viewed from the International Space Station (it’s roomier than you’d think, but smells really bad)

picture-3a.jpg picture-4a.jpgpicture-5a.jpgpicture-6a.jpgpicture-7.jpg

2 responses to “pix from Weds class paper presentations

  1. These are great! I’m so glad we got this to work. Three cheers for technology… hip hip hooray!

  2. Sam, you rule! Here’s a poem for you:

    Approaching Beauty, Kentucky

    The startling imagery comes later.
    For now, let’s enjoy the foliage,
    Fine weather and good road.
    Elsewhere, others are nominally employed.

    They may do this: sit out all day
    Until our car goes by the house.
    And when it does, you can be certain
    They don’t bother to look up.

    Hereabouts, by definition, the best shots are missed:
    Black mountains swathed in clouds,
    Rusted shacks adjoining scratches in the land.

    What we hold is something smooth,
    Though largely indescribable, in our hands
    Like a wheel that steers itself
    Or the late taste of hickory-smoked ham.


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