pay per post

via Berkman Buzz

“Jason Calacanis has written a very tough piece about an operation called PayPerPost, a company that has gotten serious venture-capital backing for a “service” in which bloggers are paid to write about products — but are not required to disclose their financial interest. We should generally abhor this kind of marketing. It encourages us to think the worst, not the best, about bloggers. But is PayPerPost a cancer on the blogosphere, as Jason suggests? I’m less certain, largely because the company is doing in a public way what others are surely doing without bragging about it. If this outfit is cancer, it’s like a basal cell carcionoma, a less virulent form of skin cancer, easily handled and not normally dangerous; the really slippery operators are like colon cancer, which often has few symptoms until it’s too late. (We could take this metaphor further, but let’s not.)…”
Excerpted from Dan Gillmor’s blogpost, “PayPerPost: A Cancer on the Blogosphere, or Merely Semi-Sleazy?”

One response to “pay per post

  1. That’s a bit of a tortured metaphor, but an interesting question. What do you think? As I noted in class, I think that free trials are less onerous than actual cash, but it seems I was in the minority there.

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