How the Quinnipiac Polling Institute looked crazy-busy at 9 pm the other night and whether any part of the poll is done online.

Whether Eons.com will save baby boomers like me from AARP.


How great the CSNY show was at MSG the other week and whether anyone will succeed in calling the Woodstock Generation back into action any time soon.

Whether it’s scary to say “We’re going to strip out self-selected elites” with democratizing technology. And how taking down the barriers is ultimately a good thing for everyone.

The value of “weak networking connections” and how I got invited into Doostang by a total stranger. Also, how online networks enable people to perform small acts of generosity that can really help.

Whether I should try to “build traffic for my blog” by, say, including a jobs feed.

The meaning of Baby Suri. And whether Tom Cruise is being punished, why, and by whom.

Whether luring FBI agents posing as minors into chat rooms, and then claiming you knew it was a 45 year old bald guy, is a legal defense.

Whether I blab too much in class. (Guess that one’s rhetorical.)

3 responses to “a-musings

  1. Re: “Whether I should try to “build traffic for my blog” by, say, including a jobs feed.”

    I suppose the most effective thing would be a porn feed. Maybe I’ll try that.

  2. Or try offering free stuff. How many of us have (or at least been tempted to) clicked on the “get a free iPod” pop-ups? Of course, this is best done if you really do have some free stuff to give away, otherwise it could get ugly!

  3. Eons is actually the second Social Network for Boomers and Seniors.

    FriendsOver50.com was launched in January with a similar mission. Jeff Taylor simply had the $10million required to make sure you all know about it.

    It is about so much more than dating………
    FriendsOver50.com is a Free interactive online community for mature adults that want a new way to connect, communicate and share information with people with similar interests,issues and challenges.

    FriendsOver50.com is a place where we can make new friends, reconnect with friends of old and share meaningful information about improving our quality of life as we get older.

    Tell your Mum!

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