short self-introduction

I named this blog after one of the first websites I put up, in 1995. was Google before Google.

Actually, I think my very first site was It was a fortune-telling site inspired by the arcade game memorialized in the Tom Hanks movie Big. People from around the world — many from South America for some reason — would send questions to Madame B. And she would answer them! (Madame B. c’est moi.)

After a quarter-century in print (mostly magazine) publishing — Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, MEDIA Magazine, others — this is how I get my jollies apparently, inventing websites. Like, which launched 18 months before that ticket even formed; and, which may someday make me millions; and most especially, which just may be an entirely new form of communication.

Yep, you nailed me: I’m a dreamer.

3 responses to “short self-introduction

  1. Hey Netsifter: That’s pretty cool stuff. You’re on my blogroll now; can you post a reciprocal link?

  2. Allan —

    I like pdfchecker … very cool idea. There are ad agencies who I would beg to use it before sending in files.


  3. It seems to me like your headed down the road of a media visionary. Walt Disney was a dreamer and that is why he was such a success.


    My hook shot is pretty good from the right side of the court and I’m working on the left!

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